leslie davis

who is Leslie?

As a wife and mother of 2 preteens and a young toddler, I understand how overwhelming our life and daily responsibilities can be, and the importance of having something to call your own.

For me, channeling my energy toward a positive outlet like running has not only given me an opportunity to take my training and goals to the next level but it has also allowed me to become a long time student of the sport. Since 2011, I’ve gained and collected knowledge about running, cross training, and fueling our bodies properly that I can now share with other aspiring athletes.

With my experience and simplified set of tools, I’m confident that I can help you unlock your full running potential while balancing other priorities in life.

My goal is to help you embrace the process, improve your running, and create more “hell yes!” moments. I value every person’s unique needs and together we can build a FLYTE plan that takes your fitness and running to the next level!

Lets be friends and #takeflyte together!

Leslie Davis



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